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Wicked Awards now accepting nominations!

Hi everyone!

No Rest For The Wicked, a multifandom award site is now open for Round 13! We accept nominations in a variety of fandoms. We also accept and encourage self-nominations. So don't be shy about nominating. All nominations are kept strictly confidential.

The fandoms we accept are Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek(any of the shows including the movies), Stargate(any of the Stargate shows including the movies), Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Torchwood, and X-Files

MUSIC VIDEOS and RPF will not be accepted this round!

Please come by check out the site and nominate your favorites.


Nominate here

August 31st is the last day of nominations, So hurry and nominate today! :D
Comm/Site: Willowy Goodness Awards Mod

Nominations close tomorrow at WGA

I've been meaning to make the post for days, but life has gotten in the way.

Nominations close tomorrow (February 29th) and we could still use more nominations in the following categories. Categories with 2 nominations will go to voting, but more would be better. Categories with only one nomination will either be blended into a generic category or dropped.

Best New Willow Author (1 nomination)
Best Willow/Buffy Author (2 nominations)
Best Willow/Buffy Fic (2 nominations)
Best Willow/Oz Author (1 nomination)
Best Willow/Oz Fic (1 nomination)
Best Crossover Author (1 nomination)
Best Crossover Fic (2 nominations)
Best NC-17 (1 nomination)
Best PWP (1 nomination)
Best Vamp Willow Characterization (1 nomination)
Best Evil Willow Characterization (2 nominations)

So please check out who is already nominated, read the rules, and get in your last minute nominations.
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Headline Awards Are Open for Nominations

Headline Awards, a fan run awards for all things inspired by the work of Anthony Stewart Head, are open for nominations!

Please look over our RULES before submitting your nominations. You can find all of our CATEGORIES here, and a list of PAST WINNERS here.
You may submit as many nominees as you like. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact the mods at headlineawards@gmail.com. Give your favorite artists some love and Have Fun!

Go nominate here: http://goo.gl/forms/UcIXHfqJ4m
Comm/Site: Willowy Goodness Awards

Willowy Goodness Awards are Open for Nominations!

I am very excited to announce that the Willowy Goodness Awards are open for nominations! We are proud to celebrate excellence in Willow-centric fanfiction. Any Willow story posted or updated in 2015 is eligible.

Please make sure to read the rules before nominating.

Pimping in your own journals and other communities (so long as pimping is allowed) is much appreciated and encouraged.
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